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The aid was already frozen once before, in February-March of this year, but was then restored. Seeing how inclined the US is to appease the Saudis, and how fast its influence over Turkey is shrinking, I don’t see it. Will the CIA-backed groups actually be cut off, or just go from CIA-backed to Pentagon-backed. That’s a particularly pertinent question for southeastern Syria around al-Tanf where Pentagon-backed groups like Commandos of the Revolution rub shoulders with CIA-backed groups like Lions of the East. Many of these CIA-backed groups were trained by US Special Forces hired out to the CIA, so links between them and the US military already exist. There are a number of far better reasons why it came to this. Recall that in September 2016 under the Kerry-Lavrov deal the US basically agreed to enter the war against extremist elements of the Syrian Islamist rebellion. Also recall that just before leaving office Obama sent B-52s against Jabhat al-Nusra and claimed over 100 killed. You only need to glance at his Twitter to see that. Recall the bombshell Seymour Hersh story from 2015 detailing how the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Defense Intelligence Agenc y kept warning the Obama administration that toppling Assad would lead to chaos and possible takeover by jihadis. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey went so far as to secretly leak information on jihadis to the Russians, while the DIA chief, Mike Flynn was sacked when he made his opposition public. The Washington Post says the decision CIA would stop funneling arms into Syria was made by General McMaster and CIA’s new chief, Mike Pompeo. Even within the CIA, John Brennan, its director under Obama, was probably the biggest supporter of what was dubbed sardonically “Brennan’s war”.

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The teacher, afraid that he had some-how worked Santa Claus into the scene, asked himwho that was. She wasn't sure whether she was re-lieved or even more worried when the boy replied:Oh, that's Round John Virgin. Send us your favourite Catholic joke, preferably clean and brief, to The Southern Cross, Church Chuckle, PoBox 2372, Cape Town, 8000. NPO044-227 About Us Contact Term DMCA Cookie Policy STARTUP - SHARE TO SUCCESS. Sign Up See more of GG13: Haunted World of CW on Facebook Log In or Create New Account See more of GG13: Haunted World of CW on Facebook Log In Forgotten account. GG13: Haunted World of CW 3 April at 04:46 Darn lizard people and their lizard shenanigans. GG13: Haunted World of CW 30 March at 10:59 This eerie footage was captured on a security camera in the back roo. The creepy paranormal activity captured has been unaltered from the spooky original source. And so began a tense 11 hours for the Wilfrid Laurier University community, as security scoured the campus in response to a bogus bomb threat. An unidentified male caller phoned the main Laurier switchboard, uttering vague threats. Waterloo Regional Police informed Laurier campus security about the second call shortly before noon. The first call was reported to security at 11:05 am. After receiving the first call, Laurier security was put on alert.

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You don't even suspect the incongruities you are led to fall into. Florence Nyakio Why would there be a curse on a film about Christ. Either that or it's the Devil who didn't want people to know about Jesus Christ's suffering for human kind. I didn't know that the people who made The Passion of Christ suffered injuries and that the guy who acted as Christ didn't get any major film roles ever since. Florence Nyakio Movies based on true events that have creeper me out up till today: The Possession and Conjuring 2. Lucille I SAW IT! I SAW IT WHERE IS SAID KEEP A CLOSE EYE OUT! wow. I feel so proud of myself Hair Man Heckin cursed box. WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED Carter Swift Shane and Ryan’s Bridge. Janette Nisperos 5. 6 so creepy sound Michael G Fact checking these anecdotes. There are definitely dark forces trying to actively stop anyone from exposing them.

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Archived from the original on November 15, 2015. Rock Stars Do The Dumbest Things. Macmillan. p. 260. ISBN 978-1-4299-7838-5. Electric Don Quixote: The Definitive Story Of Frank Zappa. Shell Shocked: My Life with the Turtles, Flo and Eddie, and Frank Zappa, etc. Oxford University Press. p. 722. ISBN 978-0-19-964465-0. Of numerous atheist rock musicians, Frank Zappa ranks among the most outspoken.

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Noon-2 a. . Friday-Saturday, noon-midnight Sunday, 3 p. . midnight Monday-Thursday. Though it retains some of the hotel-bar feel, the erudite atmosphere and 1930s-era drink offerings harken back to the room’s historical use as the library of the St. Mary’s University School of Law before the school moved to the university’s main campus. 9 of 70 Bar America. After closing a month for upgrades, the legendary Bar America reopened in April with a new complexion and management. Brian Correa, 31, grandson of bar founder Martin Ramirez, runs the institution. Most noticeably, the back bar has been redone so that it's farther back. The vintage beer memorabilia and dusty trinkets are gone. Some booths remain.

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Some fans interpreted Ramsay’s parting words to Sansa ( “I’m part of you now” ) as a hint that she was pregnant, but they seem to have been barking up the wrong tree. A flashback confirmed the long-standing fan theory about Jon Snow’s true parentage, which will surely come into play in the show’s final season. Finally, we closed on an image we thought we’d never see — Daenerys on a boat, finally heading to Westeros. Incidentally, that shot got viewers very confused about the timeline, which made it the perfect preview for the following season. Which House Has the Coolest Armor on Game of Thrones. This Is the Absurdly Long Time It Takes to Create a Single Dragon on Game of Thrones. To build a little bit of suspense back, production decided to announce the premiere date in a block of ice, and talk about how Euron got hot. And he did ! When the season premiere finally arrived, Arya killed the Freys, and Daenerys returned home to Dragonstone. Good times. When she wants something, she’s going to go out and get it. Jon and Dany finally met in episode three, and people wondered if it was gross to ship them, considering she was his aunt and all. We waved farewell to the Sand Snakes, as well as Olenna Tyrell, who died as she lived, verbally skewering people who were dumber than her.

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